Unleashing authenticity – innovative technologies for anti-counterfeiting.

Certain consumer goods are particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting, posing serious risks to our health and safety. However, there are innovative technological solutions that can drastically reduce the extent of this threat, whether it' s luxury items, medications, or high-quality consumer goods. Consumers should not have to worry about whether the product they hold in their hands is genuine or not, whether it' s visible or invisible to the naked eye.

Unlocking the invisible world of counterfeiting – gaining a "readable" eye with your smartphone.

A local tobacco company faced a problem: counterfeit cigarettes were infiltrating the local market supply chain. We recommended Digimarc' s watermarking technology to differentiate between counterfeit and genuine cigarette packs. We acted as mediators from the start, enhancing the design with the assistance of our trained personnel at the Digimarc Competence Center in Germany, while our local subsidiary took charge of cylinder production for later printing.

Digimarc – the platform for everything

Digimarc is a leading company in the field of digital identification technologies and actively fights against product counterfeiting. Their Counterfeiting initiative actively combats counterfeit products. Through advanced watermarking and innovative solutions, Digimarc protects brands and provides consumers with confidence in purchasing genuine products. Their commitment minimizes damages caused by counterfeiting and strengthens trust in global supply chains.