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Who we are

We are Linked2Brands.
Our name says it all: we link brands and consumers – directly at the key point in the brand process – at the point of sale. We ensure precise and consistent presentation of our customers' brands – in all markets and all channels.

Stefan Hilss
Managing Director, linked

This is the only way for a brand to send consistent signals that guarantee its unmistakeable identity in the market and provide the typical brand experience. We support our customers all the way from the preliminary design to its realisation. The exact reproduction of all elements such as logos, colours, special typography, imagery etc. is essential for brands – and is our field of expertise, across the globe. Our roots lie in Janoschka, the pre-press experts. This has enabled us to build on twenty-five years of experience and solid know-how in brand presentation with different touch points, design adaptation and packaging development.

What and how we do

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Our Valuechain
  • Linked to Brand Success

  • Consistent Brand Experience around the Planet

  • Linked2Brands: for the exact, uniform presentation of your brands – always and everywhere. Our passion is the realisation and preservation of brand identities in global and increasingly digital markets. We ensure that all the brand-relevant content reaches consumers wherever they come into contact with the brand, whether it is in the supermarket or while mobile shopping.

    As specialists in design adaptation, presentation, photography, artwork and repro, all the way to exact colour management, we supply an all-round creative, advisory and technical service. We are there to advise producers of branded products from the very beginning of the value creation chain and offer solutions that are relevant at the end of that chain, when the design is presented and printed. As a one-stop-shop, we are on board from early on, ensuring that efficient solutions are chosen, thus saving our customers money.

  • Linked2Brands links brand management, creation, marketing and production:

    We tailor every process exactly and individually to our customers and enable brand owners to make well-informed decisions. We make printed and digital brand presentations easy to realise for FMCG customers of any size.


    Through clear communication and close coordination processes, our team of experts coordinates the activities of all players involved. What is more: we are continually moving forward. After all, success is not just a question of competence but of continuous learning, understanding and improvement.


    Linked2 Brands: details are our passion.
    We keep our eye on your logos, colour concepts, motifs, your very special typography – all the things that make your brand distinctive. In this way, we protect your brand presentation from becoming diluted.

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