Product portfolio extension - introducing variants of different tastes.

Successful extension of the product portfolio for our Spanish client Affinity-Petcare, the leading company within the dog and cat food industry in Spain, began as early as 2017. The market displayed a clear trend towards adapting products to meet diverse customer needs, all while focusing on efficiency and low production costs.

Diversity for all needs

As part of its continuous improvement, Affinity has always looked for the best way to reach its consumers.
Therefore, one of the main goals of the portfolio expansion was to meet the diverse requirements of customers in terms of age, breed, and specific dietary needs due to health restrictions.

Introducing a new separation concept “extended gamut"

To meet these demands, the "extended gamut" separation concept was introduced in the reproduction process. This concept allows for an expanded colour space through additional ink colours beyond the CMYK model, resulting in improved colour accuracy, better image fidelity, smooth colour gradients, and reduced machine setup time, thus leading to lower production costs.

Cost savings by introducing flexo print tools

The extended gamut concept is primarily utilised in the flexographic printing process. Therefore, transitioning from roto to flexo was a logical step, resulting in a 40% reduction in production costs when compared directly.

The product line extension after the restructuring process

Through the process of transformation and adaptation,
it becomes possible to achieve a high design standard while expanding the product portfolio at lower unit costs.