We possess a diverse range of service disciplines - they serve as a foundation for comprehensive and dependable solutions.

Graphical Life Cycle

The Graphical Life Cycle of a prepress file involves several stages, starting with photography, design, artwork, separation and finally omni-channel media outputs. It encompasses preparing the file for printing, ensuring technical specifications are met, but also the creation of high quality digital assets. Effective communication and collaboration between the design, prepress, and e-commerce teams are essential throughout the entire cycle.

Product Photography Post Production Adaptive Design Colour Separation Reproduction Mechanical Artwork Automatic Artwork Mobile Hero Images Computer Generated Images E-Commerce Visual Assets Automated Visual Assets

Graphical Life Cycle

Product Photography

We stage and photograph your products, make special features visible, such as ingredients or contexts, and thus bring them to life. Photography is a craft, not a commodity. Professional and well captured images create an emotional connection between the product and your customers.

With our in-house or external resources we ensure to provide the best results for your brand.

Post Production

Sometimes there is more to a product than meets the eye and more than we can catch with a camera. Our post-production and creative retouching experts bring out that little extra to get as close to the original as possible.

Adaptive Design

Once the strategy, visual identity and rules are defined, we implement (adapt) the individual designs. So flavors, sizes and promotional variants match your brand’s policies, the brand book and master design.

We take a sensitive and creative approach to the packaging design, and at the same time we stay focused on efficient production.

Colour Separation

With our comprehensive experience in printing, which also stems from our Janoschka tradition, we convert the multi-colour artwork into separate monochrome images, that is a customised colour separation file. We do this for both process and printer-specific requirements.


Perfect reproduction rounds things off. We bring all our experience and know-how to ensure a smooth industrial printing process. Reproduction, along with artwork – is our core competency.

Mechanical Artwork

Mechanical artwork is the “grand central” of the packaging graphic value chain. It’s the place where all the dots connect. Artwork is our core competence and the key to a consistent presentation of your brand at any point of sale and it is also the starting point for CGIs and Hero Images for e-commerce.

Automatic Artwork

It is the data driven approach to Artworking
We take a…
• structured content in xml
• dynamic graphic templates
• binary, non-subjective rule sets
To deliver a fully automatic artwork produced within a fraction of the time needed for classic production.

Mobile Hero Images

Optimised for the digital shelf, Hero Images answer the most important customer questions at a glance. Who is the brand? What is the product? Which variety is it? How much of it is there?

We bring the core visual assets together, building a “micro artwork” out of them.

Computer Generated Images

We create our renderings, computer-generated images, directly from the native artwork file. They are tailored to the needs of all digital touchpoints, whether it's e-commerce or omni-channel.

E-Commerce Visual Assets

For digital shelves / e-commerce, we produce any selection of pack images. These include specific CGI renderings, snippets of artwork such as ingredients or nutritional panels, or even enhanced visualisations to show the correct application or render the contained product more attractive.

Automated Visual Assets

Partnership with INDG. Automate your visual content production and generate high-quality imagery at scale and on demand, 24/7.
Brand styles and the look and feel of products are centrally codified, ensuring fully consistent output, no matter who requests it.


The technologies used are the key to success. Various tools, applications and networked processes support us and our customers in overcoming the special challenges in the pre-media sector.

Artwork Distortion Content Consolidation Digital Watermarking Print Colour Management Spectro Phone & Color Grail


Artwork Distortion

As printed films may shrink or expand in the subsequent packaging production process, the brand and design can be seriously compromised.

Artwork anticipates and compensates this by repositioning, pre-distorting or warping the design accordingly – to guarantee the brand’s genuine look and feel.

Content Consolidation

Chaos In  >  Structure Out

Automatic Artworking can only be as effective as the quality of input provided. Linked consolidates input from multiple sources ensuring consistent and structured data before moving into automatic artwork production.

Digital Watermarking

For our clients we have enhanced separations for various cases, be it HolyGrail 2.0 or counterfeiting or consumer engagement.

We are a solid and fully trained partner of Digimarc, the leader in digital watermarking.

Print Colour Management

Our individual profiling process covers all relevant parameters in gravure, flexo and offset printing and guarantees maximum colour consistency across all shelves and physical product presentations.

The Janoschka prepress network gives us access to hundreds of existing specifications and profiles.

Spectro Phone & Color Grail

Master the "colour" challenge.
Through our strategic partnership with „ColorGrail“, you have access to a new approach of colour management.

The physical spectrophone extension and the corresponding app turn the iPhone into a professional mobile spectrometer. Validation of colour has never been more direct, intuitive and flexible.
A true game changer.

Application examples: Wherever different parts of a packaging, which are not manufactured in the same process, have to match each other, e.g. plastic cover of a PET bottle to the brand color on the banderole of the PET bottle.


Whether digital or analogue - our products support the graphic life cycle at various points. Many of our products fill the gaps between the individual process steps and thus help to communicate information in a tailored manner.

Mockups Colour Cards Colour Cards Pro Brand Colour Guides Digital Can Sampling Tooling Remote Contract Proofing Project & Approval Management



Mockups simulate the final packaging with great attention to detail and in realistic colours. They represent tactile impressions such as embossing and surface structures through the use of genuine materials, as they are found in the later original.

We are working closely together with external partners in different parts of the world.

Colour Cards

Our colour cards set and define the standards for any substrate, any printing process, anywhere in the world - ensuring your colours remain true to your brand. Loved by printers for their clarity by combining both scientific and physical references.

Colour Cards Pro

Our Colour Cards Pro specifies and describes your colour DNA in various colour models such as Hex, RGB, CMYK, Pantone, RAL or HKS. This ensures as-consistent-as-can-be brand colours in industrial applications way beyond print.

Brand Colour Guides

Individual Brand Colour Guides are tailor made to show you a short-list of colours, pre-selected by our print experts. 
These colours will work well in a fixed / limited pallete setting, where “spots” are made up of base colours.

These guides support non-technical people in the early stages of the process, where colours for ranges, flavors need to be chosen wisely.

Digital Can Sampling

For your aerosol and beverage cans, we provide a conceptual digital prototyping solution – allowing you to see, touch and feel them already at the design stage.

With 99% accuracy to the final industrial printed product, our samples are digitally printed on the original substrate and shape (white or transparent cans).


Deeply interwoven with the Janoschka network, we can guarantee the highest imaging quality and fast turnaround times
for printing tools.

Remote Contract Proofing

Remote contract proofing offers tremendous time savings. The validated repro separations are transmitted via a cloud service to a calibrated remote proofer located onsite at the client’s office.

Validation of the results can happen within minutes.

Project & Approval Management

DOQMIND is an independent partner company offering a powerful SAAS solution for complex Project & Approval Management. DOQMIND is perfect for mid and large size clients with complex portfolios and projects, countless users, many external stakeholders as well as comprehensive approval workflows and a need for a DAM.

Guaranteed to work globally 24/7 from any browser.


Consultancy within a pre-media workflow involves providing expert advice and guidance to clients and partners regarding prepress processes, file preparations, colour management, and print production. It aims to optimise workflows, enhance efficiency, and ensure high-quality output, while offering customised solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client.

Academy Consultancy Services Print Approvals Design Verification



With our academy, we invest in the future. In building knowledge for our people and partners. We offer tailor-made workshops, lectures and practical trainings in all aspects of the packaging value chain.

Because we love to share our know-how with customers, partners and students.

Consultancy Services

Classic Project Consulting:
Design analysis, print feasibility study, print production meetings, print supplier qualification.

Strategic Portfolio Optimisation:
Portfolio simplification, ink & colour reduction fixed
palette conversion.

Strategic Process Alignment:
Analysis and alignment of graphic production process including review of internal and external working procedures.

Print Approvals

Our reliable colour management, backed by many years of experience, renders on-site print approval in most cases obsolete.

However, should it become necessary, we offer professional print approvals for all processes. Close cooperation with printers is essential and many of them are long-standing partners or customers of Janoschka, our sister company.

Design Verification

Know what appeals to consumers. Together with our market research partner Psyma, we offer a tool that allows you to communicate directly with your consumers. Discover what they think about your current designs and specific details, including colour, imagery and claims. Generate insights that make you enhance your shelf impact.

We believe in partnership - make the most of our network

We believe in partnership - make the most of our network


Develops technologies that enable digital product experiences.
Products become virtually available to anyone, anywhere in the world, long before designs are finalised or consumers can even buy them. The entire product lifecycle is part of an intelligent digital supply chain, from product conception to prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and customer service.



Digimarc is a global leader in product digitisation, delivering business value across industries through unique identities and cloud-based solutions. A trusted partner in deterring counterfeiting of global currency for over 20 years, Digimarc uncovers a product's journey to provide intelligence and promote a prosperous, safer, and more sustainable world.


Color Grail

Color Grail transforms a smartphone camera into a connected and mobile spectrophotometer. The measurement precision of a spectrophotometer combined with the user-friendliness of a smartphone camera. An ideal solution when colour is at the heart of the profession: brands and marketing departments; communication and design agencies, printing houses, packaging, as well as the paint industry, decorators, etc.



EcoVadis is the world' s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. Global supply chains, financial institutions, and public organisations rely on EcoVadis to monitor and improve the sustainability performance of their business and trading partners.



The easiest all-in-one solution for label and artwork process. DOQMIND brings packaging teams together to collaborate on a streamlined design-to-shelf process by making it simpler to implement, faster to run, de-risking compliance concerns, and lowering the total cost of ownership for companies of all sizes.



As a full-service prepress provider Janoschka has a comprehensive product range and, based on a wide-ranging technical know-how and long-standing experience, offers printing tools for gravure and flexo printing, embossing rollers, artwork & reproduction, colour management, cylinder bases and much more besides.



Studio Kaligraf was founded in 1994 as a pre-press service. Kaligraf grew to become a specialist in packaging production for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco and other industries.



Psyma is an international market research company that conducts research in over 40 countries worldwide and provides customised solutions for all market research needs. 


Total presentation

Total Presentation focusses on the creation of mock-ups and prototypes and the production of packaging, merchandising products and special promotional products.



Recyda helps companies along the packaging value chain assess recyclability with software and data to combat the flood of packaging waste. Recyda collects and centralises information in a sophisticated software tool to quickly assess the recyclability of packaging during the sales and development process.



Trivium Packaging is a leading global company providing high quality and infinitely recyclable metal packaging.