Preserving brand identity – distortion-free product packaging.

Unilever has entrusted us with the exciting task of presenting their artworks for deodorant cans in a pre-distorted manner to ensure their consistent brand identity. Through Linked, the originally analogue process was replaced with a 100% digital solution.

Optimising visual representation

To avoid distortions on the narrow areas of the deodorant cans and to maintain the visual representation of the product and brand, it is necessary to present the artwork elements in a pre-distorted manner. Previously, real print tests were used for distortion calculation, requiring additional adjustments and repeated print tests.

Developing a digital solution without real print tests

Through an innovative method, the pre-distortion of artwork elements is accurately calculated within the print template file. This approach enables the entire process to be digitised. The exact simulation of deformations is ensured, and costs for print tests are eliminated.

Result: 100% digital calculation leads to 0% printing costs

The method allows for significant cost savings and time efficiency by digitising the process. It promotes sustainability by eliminating the need for print tests. Customers benefit from efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions for distortion-free presentation of their products.