Strength lies in unity - Our global team unites diverse talents, shared values, and common goals, pushing us beyond our individual limits to accomplish remarkable results.
Stefan Hilss, CEO LINKED

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Angela Piccolo
Account Manager
Caroline Eiberg
Global Account Manager
Jessica Schulze
System Operator
Raoni Souza
Graphic Operator 3D & Design
Deepak Bhola
Account Manager
Chantal Helm & Nadine Noth
Trainee / Energie Scouts
Jannine Dörle
Photography & Design
Janaina Vaz
On Site
Franziska Schmidt-Kümpel
Client Services Manager
Amanda Selin
Graphics Operator 3D and Design
Kamill Wallach
Account Manager
Team Vietnam
Wagner Sousa
Graphic Operator Artwork
Pascal Beilke
Customer Service
Laura Janu
Key Account Manager
Thomas Gehrlein
Account Manager
Luan Mussi
Graphic Operator 3D and Design
Niklas Mauke with Frieda
Account Manager
Vittoria Fortezza
Client Service
Stefan Hoch
Account Manager
Ralf König
Head of Process & Alignment
Alejandro Feria
Client Service