Linked2Brands at Drupa 2024 – Experience the future of packaging!

Drupa is back and with it Drupa tpp - touch point packaging, a first-time special event within Drupa that promises to turn the world of packaging on its head! From 27 May to 7 June 2024, the renowned platform will open its doors to all packaging experts looking for innovative solutions to shape the future of packaging. And this year Linked2Brands will be there!

With five main topics, Neo-Ecology, Connectivity, Glocalisation, Consumer's Mind and Regulation, Drupa tpp will mainly focus on the target group of brand owners from FMCG, pharma, cosmetics and beverages and show how multifaceted and diverse the world of packaging is!

As one of the leading players in the industry, Linked2Brands will present its expertise in inspiring keynotes and panel discussions at Drupa tpp 2024. One focus will be on the topic of connectivity - because in an increasingly networked world, how packaging connects with consumers is crucial.

Connectivity topic #1

Has the physical shelf lost it‘s pole position?

On 5 June 2024 at 1:15 pm, you can look forward to a special keynote speech with the exciting question:

Has the physical shelf lost it´s pole position?

In a rapidly evolving market landscape, e-commerce and digital presence is gaining traction, raising the question: “Has the physical shelf lost it´s pole position?” Brands are rethinking their strategies to ensure visibility and relevance in the digital world, while printed packaging is increasingly complementing digital interactions.

This integration poses challenges for brand owners and marketers but also opens up many opportunities. What are the benefits of a cohesive strategy where printed and digital packaging work together? Stefan Hilss, Chief Executive Officer Linked2Brands, will provide exciting insights and share his thoughts on this already changing marketing world.

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Connectivity topic #2

Printed packaging in tomorrows reality...

Two days earlier, on 3 June 2024 at 11:00 am, Stefan Hilss and Güneri Tugcu, Senior Partner Manager at Amazon, will take up the topic of printed packaging in another two-way discussion.

Printed packaging in tomorrows reality.
Generic, yet specific…
Standardised, yet customised…
Commoditised yet individualised...
An epic, unresolvable conflict? 

This is about the classic touchpoint between consumer and product - printed packaging. But is it really as classic as we think? Or does it harbour potential for individual brand experiences and customised information?

Join Stefan and Güneri as they engage in an insightful discussion about printed packaging, the key touchpoint that every consumer encounters. Discover the role of packaging as a unique platform that seamlessly connects consumers with personalised brand experiences, enriched with tailored information for all stakeholders in the value chain.


Connectivity topic #3

Exploring print & packaging futures in a sustainable and connected world

In a digitalised and connected world, characterised by complexity and sustainability, brand owners need to rethink the relationship between print and packaging.

In the run-up to this year's Drupa, experts such as Stefan Hilss from Linked2Brands, Heath Luetkens from HYBRIDE Software and Christian Menegon from HP met to discuss how they can help brands manage the changes in the market. This discussion will continue live at the Drupa tpp booth, again moderated by Tim Sykes, Brand Director of Packaging Europe.

Would you like to attend this panel discussion live? Come to the Drupa tpp booth on 6 June at 11:45 am.



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Drupa tpp 2024 promises not only fascinating insights into the world of packaging, but also plenty of inspiring discussions and food for thought. Be there when Linked2Brands and other industry leaders shape the future of packaging!

Join us there...!!!