Bye bye barcode? – Ready for the packaging scoop?

In today's digital world, the connection between physical products and digital information is playing an increasingly important role. Connected packaging is an innovative approach that combines products with digital technologies to create a variety of benefits for businesses and consumers. But what exactly is behind this concept and what impact does it have on the packaging value chain?

Connected packaging enables consumers to interact with packaging via various technologies such as QR codes, NFC tags or augmented reality. These interactions can provide a variety of information, from product information such as ingredients and origin to personalized offers and instructions. This creates a deeper and more interactive brand experience for consumers.


New horizon ahead

An important aspect of connected packaging is the transition from traditional barcodes to more advanced 2D Data Matrix codes. GS1, an international organization that develops standards for global trade, is driving this change. The 2D Data Matrix code offers a higher data density compared to the traditional barcode and allows more information to be stored in a smaller space. This allows companies to provide not only product-related data, but also more extensive information such as origin, production date and sustainability certificates.


The introduction of connected packaging and 2D Data Matrix codes has far-reaching implications for the entire packaging value chain. For manufacturers, this means improved traceability and transparency along the supply chain, which optimizes quality assurance and production processes. Retailers benefit from more efficient inventory and logistics management, as they receive more accurate information about products and stock levels. And for consumers, it means a higher level of confidence and transparency in the products they buy.


Limitless access to consumers

What should not be overlooked is that in the field of 2D codes on packaging, gamification immerses consumers in interactive experiences and rewards them with exclusive content that increases engagement with the product beyond the usual. As a brand, you will gradually receive more and more individual and highly personalized information about each of your customers.


We akt as bridge point...

Linked builds the bridge from the physical packaging world to the parallel universe of the digital world.

Through our expertise as a premedia packaging agency and our strong network of partners in the field of connected packaging, we support brands in developing innovative packaging solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer digital interactions and added value for you and your customers.