HolyGrail 2.0 to start semi-industrial trials

Production agency Linked2Brands has been involved in the HolyGrail initiative since its launch in September 2020.

HolyGrail 2.0, driven by AIM - European Brands Association to investigate if and how digital watermarking technology might contribute to higher-quality recycling of packaging in the EU. The strategic collaboration as Enhancing Partner of Digimarc now enables Linked2Brands to add significant value.


Next stage of development

Now AIM – European Brands Association, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste and the City of Copenhagen join forces to start semi-industrial trials in the next phase of testing digital watermarks for intelligent sorting of packaging waste.

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Digimarc Enhancing Partner

Thanks to its strategic partnership with Digimarc, the leading provider of digital barcode solutions, Linked2Brands Germany as a licensed Enhancing Partner is now able to provide support for industrial HolyGrail testing, due to commence later this year in Germany and France.

When integrating the Digimarc code with packaging artwork data, Linked2Brands can draw on its experience and expertise as a production agency for brands and how they are represented at the point of sale, whilst also providing an important consultancy service as Digimarc Enhancing Partner for its customers beyond the HolyGrail project. The Digimarc Digital Barcode technology is based on stamp-sized codes that are imperceptible to the naked eye and can be placed across the entire printed surface of consumer goods packaging. They are able to contain a wide range of identifiers, such as manufacturer information, SKU’s and materials used. The aim is to capture and decode the digital watermark using a camera at the waste sorting facility.

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Stefan Hilss, Managing Director Linked2Brands

Sabine Joachims, Marketing & Communications Janoschka Group