Linked2Brands and INDG establish cooperation

automate your visual content production

Linked2Brands, the production agency for brand owners, and INDG, a digital agency specializing in CGI at scale, headquartered in Amsterdam, have entered into a cooperation. Grip is a software product developed by INDG, which auto-generates visual content. Because it acts as a virtual production agency in the cloud, it perfectly enhances Linked2Brands’s product and service portfolio.


Linked2Brands, ensuring the precise and consistent presentation of brands, and INDG have entered into a cooperation offering their clients an extended service for digital product experiences for their brand products. E-commerce content, lifestyle images or even small videos, essentially any visual asset can be generated with Grip.

With the help of Grip, brand owners can automate visual content production. Grip moves classic creation and production efforts into the cloud, where a software solution takes care of generating high-quality visuals, at scale, on-demand and based on data. Brand styles, as well as product look and feel are codified, which ensures an entirely consistent, always on-brand output, no matter who requests it.


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Stefan Hilss, Managing Director Linked2Brands

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