colour is not just colour

colour cards set the framework

We ensure precisely that: the design, layout and colour have to create a consistent brand image – across the world and through all channels.


Colour is not just colour.

The end result of a packaging depends on a range of factors. Firstly, the material that it is printed onto, what we call the substrate. Has it been manufactured using recycled cardboard, white paper, film or aluminium?

The colours used, printing tools, equipment and methods are further factors – up to seventy variables make a difference.
Finally, we also have to bear in mind the platform where the product packaging will appear, i.e. printed on the shelf or the Internet.


Linked2Brands has devised so-called colour cards for this purpose that predict the appearance on a certain substrate with a specific printing method. The number of substrates, the printing method, the colours and elements that should be constant.... all parameters are being analysed.
The printed colour card shows the spectrum of colour deviations that are acceptable and thus set the standard.

And: Customers will then know what to expect.